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Guide to slaying or capturing a vampyre.
First and foremost you most acquaintance yourself with their capabilities.  Their strength can match and even exceed that of the four original gods.  Under no circumstance allow a blow from them to land.  Extreme strength means extreme speed.  Always keep this in mind, you must find the pattern of their movements if you expect to catch one with its guard up.  Now, with this in mind, obviously the best way to slay one is while they are unaware of your presence.  Refer to chapter 3: scents for more information.  Now disregard all myths and legends you know about them.  For example, sunlight only kills the lowest class of vampyres.  However, concentrated UV lights can weaken them.  Water can be used to counteract their powers, however some have learned to get around that(water is a purifier, vampyres are considered impure by nature).  No vampyre can stand the touch of holy water or blessed steel.  Again, this does not mean they can necessarily be killed by it.  Fire, decapitation(or brain damage), or massive blood loss are currently the only methods available to humans to kill a vampyre.  Garlic in general does nothing, other then have a generally repulsive smell and taints the taste of blood.  Silver blessed by a full moon can be used to sever the supernatural pull they have.  Icons of pure faith can repulse them as well.  Now, another common myth is vampyres need blood to live.  They can go centuries without feeding, however feeding can become a necessity of sorts.  All vampyres are born with a "sense of internal Darkness, quite possibly representing their eternal damnation".  I myself have talked to many vampyres and they all described it as "the Darkness" or "Madness".  This leads to my point about feeding.  This quote on quote "Darkness" builds in their mind the longer they go without feeding, often manifesting as a rage or fury, sometimes even as self-destructive tendencies.  I have also found there is a type of humans, well almost human, whose blood allows them to control certain vampyres.
Broken promises of a broken faith
I swore myself to you
Trust shattered in a hazy fog of rage
Lover's dreams lost once more
Broken promises on empty faith
Memories swirl around a broken mind
As love shatters on the floor
Mixed with tears of the damned
Tears turn to blood in my hands
Death swarms the unconscious mind
As I take my final leave
Too much pain have I caused
To stay here by your side
Lights blare when I step upon my stage
To give you all my final show
I can hear the sirens in the back of my mind
The words whispered to my body as I bled out the time past
The mistakes I made echo violently in my mind
Soon to be swept aside by a crimson blade
The doubts in my mind stagger into light
Is this the only option left?
Will the pain I have yet to cause be outweighed by this action?
What is a human soul worth?
Doubts are but doubts
Which cloud the mind
Make your choice and stick to it, no matter the cost
Don't live in the what if's,
Make your own past
Do not submit to failures
Rise up once more
Or all hope is lost and your soul belongs to the Darkness.


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All these people everywhere, they try to pretend, they say they understand.  they all try to say they get your pain, it gets better with time, it gets better with time.  they all say it, but it doesnt.  its been a long long 5 years and it hasn't gotten better.  NObody cares, its al pretend, this game of lifes we all play play play.  its always once im at the edge, the edge of my limits i wonder.  how far can i go before it truly becomes too much, how much ground do i have behind me?  being pushed pushed pushed back all these years, how can there stil be ground left to fall upon?  i havent cut.  not since that night in that house.  4 maybe 5 minths clean, but it still hurts so much.  i wish i never stopped.  once i stopped, almost one year clean til i fell back. but it didnt work, it doesnt make it better any more.  now i cut to try to make it how it used to be, a time lost in the past.  i wonder about that too.  do you still think back into the past?  or have you forgotten me like everyone else.  did you see my insanity? this chaos bubbleing up inside me?  i can barely see through it, my mind is shattered by you.  i dare not hope any more, ive been let down too many times, my mind seems not to work.  yet every day i wake up, put a smile one my face that one one seems to think is out of place. they dont try.  no one tries to see past my lies.  to see past these lies into me, and trully look at a human soul.  its so easy to.  but they dont want to know, they dont want to know im not alright, that these scars dont fade with time, they just want me to be normal.  they want me to be like you and the rest of them.  so they are perfecttly happy with a smile.  have i ever told you i can no longer cry?  its been over a year, trust me ive tried.  trust me ive had reason but they just dont come.  i cant even get release from that.  it all just builds up inside until you become numb, until nothing matters anymore.  ive felt death every day.i dont know what to do, i dont know if i should end it, they all say it gets better with time but thats just a lie.  maybe i did die that day.  i would like to think that, that this isnt real life, that others wont go through this, that its just my personal purgitory.  but ive seen thier eyes, ive seen past the smiles that hide the lies.  ive seen the true hand of darkness and the end drawing near.  ive seen the life bleed out of one before my eyes.  im a healer yet so utterly broken inside.  i can fix others but not myself, why is this?  did i truly fail you?


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